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Built to precision. Engineered for value.

Welcome to Avcon!
We offer multidisciplinary capabilities and experience with a unique
turnkey service model for projects across the spectrum of
commercial and industrial contracting and development.

Commercial and Industrial Construction

Whether your project entails large scale industrial structures, remote site infrastructure installations, or custom designed upgrades to a professional-business facility, Avcon brings its wide-ranging experience to bear in exceeding your expectations for quality, safety, and durability.

Metal Building Construction

One of the most versatile, stylish, and economical solutions is metal and Avcon delivers exceptional metal building construction reinforced by its partnership with Nucor Building Systems™. From conceptual design to final landscaping, Avcon with Nucor provides architectural appeal with environmentally friendly advantages…

Concrete Construction

There is no more unyielding or durable a material than concrete and it’s an ideal choice for extended protection against erosion, fire, rotting, rusting, and weather-based assaults. Avcon delivers superior concrete building solutions from flatwork, structural and decorative concrete to retaining walls, slurry fill, form-liners, and excavation…

Heavy Civil Construction

When it comes to mission critical projects such as wastewater treatment facilities, bridges, pipelines, roads and other infrastructure, Avcon leads with its turnkey project management model. Our multidisciplinary team is particularly effective for ensuring throughput, compliance, and risk management…

Electrical Infrastructure

Avcon provides electrical infrastructure planning, installation, and service whether it is part of a larger build we are involved in or as a dedicated capability. Our experience encompasses primary and secondary, high and low voltage installations as well as distribution and lighting systems…

Project Management

Avcon’s value engineering and cost consciousness helps eliminate unnecessary layers of potential redundancy, over accommodation, and inefficiency that lead to hidden or avoidable costs. Beyond our public and private project clients, Avcon also partners as a subordinate to larger GCs…

Partnerships Ensure Innovation

Enduring success for any business, especially in our industry, can never be achieved on your own. Avcon’s growth over the years is due, in part, to nurturing accountable, collaborative client relationships where dynamic engagement drives success at every step of the design-build process.

We have also nurtured mutually fruitful strategic alliances, including our long-standing partnership with Nucor, a leading North American producer of innovation-driven specialty steel products manufactured for a wide variety of building applications. Avcon’s Nucor partnership is core to our continuing growth in meeting client needs involving metal building construction.

Learn About the Advantages of Metal Buildings and our Nucor Partnership

Large or Small: Exceptional Value Delivered in Every Project

Avcon has sustained its competitive attractiveness to both public and private clients by its commitment to value engineering and cost-consciousness that is facilitated through our business model.

Our direct, hands-on project management and on-site execution can eliminate unnecessary layers of potential redundancy, over accommodation, and inefficiency that can lead to hidden or avoidable costs.

Sometimes the polices of municipalities, counties or states create an aura around larger GCs that can sway the awarding of bids to larger companies with big crews and resources. The perception is that “bigger” or “more” is better. In fact, it can become a means to justify budgets and fees for a scope that’s beyond what the project really requires.

From a naturally transparent and accountable design-build process, our Avcon team utilizes their multidisciplinary skills to achieve greater project economies of scale. By concurrently deploying the same Avcon resources across all projects, we engineer in greater value margins for clients through real-cost analysis, smart planning, a consistently higher level of quality, and reduced risk around safety and other liabilities.

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Completed Projects

Versatility, Consistency, Accommodation: Avcon’s Multidisciplinary Advantage

Key Areas of Value Delivery...
Project Management
  • Project Planning and Budgeting
  • Cost Assessment
  • Value Engineered Design
  • Construction Management
  • On-Site Operations and Logistics Facilitation
  • Remote Site Project Planning and Management Scheme
  • Turnkey Subordinate to Larger General Contractor
  • Administrative Support
Avcon Specialties, Disciplines, Certifications
  • Metal Building Design and Retrofits
  • Power Generation: Renewables Installations, Generators, Electrical Systems
  • Fully-Integrated Cannabis Cultivation and Manufacturing Facilities/Infrastructure
Project Industries or Verticals
  • Wastewater Treatment Facilities
  • Sanitation Plants
  • Commercial and Industrial Office Parks
  • Manufacturing Facilities
  • Commercial-Industrial Retrofits and Tenant Improvements
  • Cannabis Cultivation and Manufacturing Facilities
  • Winery Facilities
  • Wind Farms
  • Amusement Park Rides
  • Highways and Thruway Infrastructure
  • Underground Pipeline Systems
  • Dam and Waterway Infrastructure
  • Airport Structures
  • Schools
  • Utilities and Power Generation Systems
Avcon Team Development
  • Skilled Labor/Specialty Trade Recruitment and Retention
  • Team Training and Development
  • Mentoring and Coaching
  • Year-Round, Continuous Employment